At Rocky Mountain Hi

Welcome To Rocky Mountain Hi

We offer super cool immersion adventures from your first “Good Morning” until your last “Good Night”.
You’ll build an impressive foundation of English Language skills as well as tremendous cultural knowledge
by participating in a small language learning group and taking part in our program activities,
learning while playing, dancing, singing, cooking - and most of all, having fun with friends new and old.
English and American music rocks the house!  In all these ways, you’ll learn English by living it naturally.

Believe it:  The English language is fun, very easy and certainly relevant.

Mission Statement

At Rocky Mountain Hi we see it as our mission to teach English as a second language through


in a learner-centered environment.  Our emphasis lies on communication through complete immersion
in the English language and exposure to the main cultures associated with it.

Rocky Mountain Hi strives to be a model program where all learners are actively involved
in its stimulating, comprehensive activities as well as in real life situations.

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